Rubbing the right way

It has been awhile since I wrote a blog post. Life has been busy with its ups and downs coupled with, a PhD that must be completed. I have been thinking about a conversation I had a few days ago with an old friend. This former colleague is someone I admire a lot for his wisdom and work ethics. He recounted an experience he had concerning a recent endeavour and how his no-nonsense attitude is a limitation to being able to achieve his goal. He is particularly not a very tactful person.Yet, his goal cannot be achieved without astute people … Continue reading Rubbing the right way

Caribbean entrepreneurs need to look to Diaspora for funding — World Bank Group exec – Business

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados — Caribbean entrepreneurs who are looking for funding to develop new or existing businesses are being encouraged to look to their own nationals living abroad. “Diaspora financing should be explored as a source of f … Source: See on – Diaspora Continue reading Caribbean entrepreneurs need to look to Diaspora for funding — World Bank Group exec – Business

Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) 2014

So what’s the big deal about November anyway? November is the academic writing month and this is my third year of participating in the month-long writing marathon. I try to write everyday but in November I write more because I consciously work to meet the goals I have set. It’s all about accountability; and it starts by setting and declaring of goals, and daily updating ones progress on the accountability sheet. Some days would be great, some days might not be as you expect but you’ll always get the support of other writers on Facebook or Twitter (#AcWriMo). Read more … Continue reading Academic Writing Month (AcWriMo) 2014

Let’s Shake Up the Social Sciences

“New social science departments could also help to better train students by engaging in new types of pedagogy. For example, in the natural sciences, even college freshmen do laboratory experiments. Why is this rare in the social sciences? When students learn about social phenomena, why don’t they go to the lab to examine them — how markets reach equilibrium, how people cooperate, how social ties are formed? Newly invented tools make this feasible. It is now possible to use the Internet to enlist thousands of people to participate in randomized experiments. This seems radical only because our current social science departments … Continue reading Let’s Shake Up the Social Sciences