Worldwide, over 800 million people are still living in poverty, on less than US$1.25 a day. Many people in developing economies lack of access to adequate food, clean drinking water and sanitation. The sad part is that more women are likely to continue living in poverty than men due to unequal access to paid work,... Continue Reading →



  This is the story of how a woman started what became the frozen food leader in a Latin American country. One day, a wife decided to look for another source of income for her family when her husband lost his job. She went knocking on exporters doors, asking them what people wanted – what... Continue Reading →


1. The blockchain technology promises a more open and inclusive society. 2. Monetary transactions through Blockchain-based cryptocurrency does not need to trust a bank or a regulator to safeguard accurate supply and integrity. 3. It is backed by the power of very complex mathematics and codes, not by any authority or one single thing. 4.... Continue Reading →


Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Emercoin, are digital assets which are available solely online. The cryptocurrency is a technological revolution which seems to be next big breakthrough since the internet. The Bitcoin is the largest blockchain platform among these digital assets. Bitcoins are exchangeable for goods and services and its growing popularity will have impact... Continue Reading →


Cryptography is a technology that is used in both payment and communication systems. The public-key cryptography secures communication and payment from third parties. It is a computer protocol i.e. a set of rules that govern how information is transferred between computers. Independent computers across the internet can link together through a decentralised network. In payment... Continue Reading →

Rubbing the right way

It has been awhile since I wrote a blog post. Life has been busy with its ups and downs coupled with, a PhD that must be completed. I have been thinking about a conversation I had a few days ago with an old friend. This former colleague is someone I admire a lot for his... Continue Reading →

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