It’s almost two weeks into the Academic Writing Month. The #AcWriMo community on twitter has been a huge support with motivating tweets and encouraging feedbacks. Here are some of the tips from #AcWriMo tweets that I find particularly handy.

  1. Quantity Matters as Well as Quality
    Before now, I found it difficult to – just write. I feel quality is more important than quantity. I would write a few words I think are good quality but end up abandoning the project. The desire to get rid of this syndrome motivated me to be a part of the academic writing month. So now I –just write the quantity hoping the quality lies within the quantity. After all what’s editing is for? To get rid of the excess and let the essence and the excellence shine through!
  2. Nuture a Daily Writing Habit
    Well, to me this means having a specific time of the day dedicated to “shut up, sit down and write”, barring all distractions and getting down to business. So far, all #AcWriMo days except the 7th and 9th, have been great. I don’t feel bad; I just review the day to know what caused the slack and make necessary adjustments.
  3. Get in the Habit of Setting Specific, Focused, Concrete (SFC) Goals for Each Writing Day
    At the beginning of #AcWriMo, I declared my goals here; however I wasn’t setting SFC goals for each writing day. This advice is timely and now I set on a daily basis “specific manageable chunks” of the whole that I hope to complete before calling it a day. This has made my writing more meaningful and less daunting.
  4. Know when to stop, Try to Keep a Balance in Your Life and Don’t Let Guilt Wear You Down
    There is no guarantee that I’ll always keep up with the momentum. Some days would be thumbs up and others down. I intend to keep them up on most evenings as I review the day’s accomplishments but if not- tomorrow is another day.
  5. Successful Academic Writers Persist Despite Rejection
    At the end of this month of writing, I would be looking forward to publishing. Therefore, this advice is gold. I intend to be a successful academic writer and “ain’t no stopping me now” – not even a NO if it happens! I must keep writing on…

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  1. I didn’t know there was such a thing as Academic Writing Month — when does it end? I’d love to join!


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