The academic writing month starts this week! I’m really excited to be taking part in it again this year. For last year’s AcWriMo, my goals were time based, counting daily pomodoros. I was able to achieve my goals and some of last year’s output gave me a head start this year. I discovered that declaring my target publicly made me focused and accountable. The Twitter updates from participants were also very motivating.

This year, my targets are specific to my thesis and my ultimate goal is to complete a chapter and write the first draft of another chapter. My daily goal is to (write 300 words+reading) X 6 days/ week. I also hope to complete an assignment in the first two weeks. I have also declared my goals on the accountability spread sheet.

Metaphorically, #AcWriMo 2013 is a red flag and like a Bull, I’m charging at it with determination!

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