It has been awhile since I wrote a blog post. Life has been busy with its ups and downs coupled with, a PhD that must be completed. I have been thinking about a conversation I had a few days ago with an old friend. This former colleague is someone I admire a lot for his wisdom and work ethics. He recounted an experience he had concerning a recent endeavour and how his no-nonsense attitude is a limitation to being able to achieve his goal. He is particularly not a very tactful person.Yet, his goal cannot be achieved without astute people management skills. From time to time, we need to make use of a bit of diplomacy with people. Some people call it white lies, my stance on it is that as long as no one is hurt then, it is OK. genie

As I reflect upon our conversation again this morning, the story of Aladdin, the sorcerer and the genie readily comes to my mind. I hope my friend gets to read this post and is encouraged by Aladdin’s story. Like Aladdin, at some point in our life’s journey, we will meet people like the sorcerer. Their intentions may not be pure but we still need to skilfully manage them. It may be unpleasant because it sometimes mean reacting in a way that is totally not us. It could require being meek when you feel otherwise. The crucial thing however is your intention. If it is right, hopefully the sorcerer will inadvertently lead you to the genie in the lamp. However, as powerful as the genie is, it is also of no use to you if you do not apply the right skill. You need to know how to rub the genie’s lamp the right way!


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