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Power Games

What if friends or colleagues intended good things and had your interest at heart but the consequences of their actions lead to so much ruin and confusion? In such situations people seek moral justifications for their actions. The moral judgements of such acts and intents are often a mask or an excuse for the accumulation of power. However very few are aware that we are all players in a world of power games.
Someone says, ‘oh not me, I don’t engage in power games, actually I try to be a peacemaker at all times because I know how weak I am’. The truth is you can’t opt out of it. Behaving in ways that suggest not having anything to do with power play or expressing such opinions outwardly is a tactic often used by the most adept at power games. The intent to display weakness and lack of power is a clever way of masking the nature of manipulation involved. Indeed, true powerlessness, devoid of self-interest, would not publicise weakness in order to gain sympathy or respect. However, making a show of weakness is a very effective, subtle and deceptive strategy in power games.
But I always demand equality in all my dealings, I strive to treat everyone alike. I am surely a nonplayer. Trying to avoid power play at all costs by ensuring fairness and equity does not make one untainted by power. Actually, determining how to redistribute people’s reward is also a power strategy. Such strategy often ends up suppressing those who excel and elevating the less skilful.
Well, since one of the main strategies of those who seek power is deceit and secrecy, I don’t seek power and don’t get involved in power games because I strive to be honest and straightforward. Truthfulness is also a form a power strategy because it is intended to convince people of one’s selfless, noble and good-hearted character. Moreover, being perfectly honest does not free someone from power games because your honesty will inevitably injure people, some of whom may choose to injure you in return.
I am a non-player. I’m like Jesus – without guile. The appearance of naiveté can be a form of deceit. After all, children despite their naivety, have an elemental need to gain control over those around them. Even though they may feel powerless in an adult world, they often use different methods to get their way. Those who are genuinely innocent may still be playing for power and are often effective because they are not hindered by reflection – people only see their innocence. Flaunting an air of piety and moral qualities is often an indirect method of manipulation.
Since the world is a scheming court of power plays and the game of power is inescapable everywhere humans are, there is no need trying to opt out of the game. There is no need trying to avoid the inescapable – such an attempt would make you powerless and miserable. The idea is to stop whining like a victim and to excel at power.
Welcome to the world of power games!



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